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Work-Life Balance

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Welcome back to another episode! We decided to try something new this week and talk about how we manage our day to day lives. We are both full time physicians so finding time isn't easy but we believe that if you set your mind to something you can find time for anything. In this episode, we discuss our schedules both during school and at work. We also go over our typical day and the things we manage to get done. This way you can get an inside look into our lives as well as, our tips in finding a balance between medicine, this podcast, our families, friends and personal well-being. If you haven't tuned in yet, stop right there and head back over to the show. We will see you after the episode! For those who listened here's a quick summary:

We all need to find a way to balance our time when it comes to school or work. So how do we do it? We look for free time and make sure not to waste it. When you are in school whether it be college, a master's degree, nursing school or medical school you need to set aside time for personal studying. So what we used to do is dedicate those free moments we find during the day and go to a quiet place where we can get some work done. This may not work for everyone, because sometimes those places don't exist or other people are around which can break your focus. Understandably so, we do what we can! After your day is over and you head home you need to allocate time as well, this includes to be able to eat a healthy balanced meal, hit the gym, get some more work done and then even spare some personal time to relax and unwind. I know this sounds like you should have more than 24 hours in a day but you can do it if you manage your time well! No one said it would be easy but we know that it's possible. A few tips to elaborate on this and maybe help with getting these things done are as follows:

Secret tip #1: Make a Schedule. This is not so secret but is very important! You need to keep in mind everyone has their own schedule so you have to adjust according to your needs whether that is for a specific week, month or year. For example, Adelynn uses a google calendar and loves to color code whereas, I just like to make a list with no specific deadline sometimes, listing the more important things at the top. The goal is to use this schedule as a guide for things that you need to complete and then for things that you would like to complete. This way nothing falls through the cracks and honestly even with my procrastination I feel accomplished when things get handled!

Secret tip #2: Time Block. We cannot stress this enough. This might be the most important tip on here and there are various ways to do it. For example, if you're at work from 9am to 5pm be realistic about what you can and can't get done during your day and after your day. Other ways this can be applicable is if you time block that you need 8 hours of sleep and then you know what needs to be done throughout your 16 hour "awake" period. I'm putting awake in quotations because we all know some of us like to nap or even day dream multiple times a day haha. You can also time block two hours out of the day for studying or for running errands. How you choose to use this skill is up to you but it is a necessary part of everyone's life.

Secret tip #3 and I guess #4: Find time to eat a well balanced diet and to exercise. We all know that it's hard to find time to workout or to eat healthy. Some of these things are also costly depending on your diet or workout interests. But, you work around these things and do as much as you can. You should use every chance you get to find time to exercise. As individuals who didn't exercise often during medical school that might have been an important part of our well-being and it is definitely a part of our routine now. Try to walk around your office or building. Don't take elevators and use stairs instead if this is plausible. No one is telling you to walk up 17 flights of stairs! You can also walk to grab lunch or walk from the train station every morning. There are various times you can find yourself being proactive when it comes to your health and wellness. Plan your workout around your schedule. Personally our ideal time is in the morning since it prepares us for our day but we can't always do that so we find some time later to at least complete our workout. You can plan out your days instead of going once a day for an hour for six days you can go three days for two hours at a time.

Don't have time to make food? Sign up for a meal prep. Want a cheaper option find a friend who wants to make some quick cash that you trust to make you good quality healthy food. Otherwise, just live with your parents so they can make food for you! Haha.

Secret tip #5: Study, study, study

No matter what field you're in you are always learning! We were put on this earth to be lifelong learners so it's important to find time to study. And when you're studying that needs to be your number one priority so understand that with this sacrifices will be made. You will miss important life events but you know that it is for your education and for your future as a professional! When studying, it is important to disconnect with the world because any distractions will influence how effective that study time is. Trust me when I say we are all guilty when it comes to procrastination but there comes a time in life where you have to buckle down. Our motivation? We have human lives at stake. But even if you aren't in medicine your job touches people and creates an impact. The best way you will be able to do that is if you master your craft so put in the work now so later you can reap the benefits.

Secret tip #6: Questions (This is really a side note for people who have to take any board exams). People in the medical field know that your boards consist of questions for the most part. The more questions you do the more likely you will succeed on your boards. We all try to use a million different sources but that won't necessarily break the bank if you don't understand how to decipher questions! You also should figure out what is the best way for you to study. For example, are you an audio learner or a visual learner? Hone in on which one is better for you and learn yourself. Either way, repetition is key in our experience when it comes to exams and conceptualization is important for solidifying your knowledge for the future!

Secret tip #7 Please don't study in bed. It's ineffective, period. I got away with it in college but definitely not in medical school. Get a cute desk setup and get to work.

Secret tip #8 Find what works for you

Whether it is in school or with work you can look at how others complete their tasks as examples but it's important to figure out what method works for you because it may not be the same. Some people work well with others some people have to study on their own, etc.

Secret tip #9 Socialize!

Social time is important. Please experience life to the fullest. Give yourself a day off. Go on vacations when possible. Remember the importance of wellness and be sure to give yourself a break. None of this is worth it if you are dying inside. It is required for you to live a long meaningful life so please take care of yourself while doing so.

Secret tip #10 Hydrate, always!

As the saying goes, stay thirsty my friends...

Finally, we can't stress this enough. You have 24 hours in a day and you need to make the most of that time because if you don't, today is another day wasted. Yes we all have lazy days but we make up for that by playing catch-up on another day. Try to get the important things done first (this includes self care) and you will feel so much better about everything! Adapting, time management, knowing yourself, dreaming and continuing to be ambitious are all necessary things but you need to push yourself till this materializes or comes to life because if you don't put in the work all of these skill sets go to waste.

Thank you for reading this blog post and for listening to our podcast. Let us know what you do to achieve work-life balance! Remember to rate, review and subscribe. As always, leave us your feedback. We love you guys!

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