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This week we had a really exciting guest. Guess who it was?! Dr. Jason Campbell or as many of you may know, The TiktokDoc. If you visit his tiktok you see him put smiles on peoples faces on the daily with his videos while promoting the field of healthcare, supporting women's rights, fighting racial disparities and overall spreading positivity through his dance moves! If you haven't seen them yet, you need to now and obviously, do not forget to listen to our episode.

Who is Dr. Jason?

Dr. Jason Campbell is a second year resident based out of Portland, Oregon specializing in pediatric anesthesiology! Smart, right? We know. He got inspired by all the women in his life including his mother who has been working in the healthcare field for many years! He loves patient care and the relationship he develops with them since he is the one in charge of not only sedating them but also managing their pain after surgery.

Why Pediatrics?

He loved the experience he got when he saw his mentors and other physicians developing that warm relationship between the doctor and the child.

Why Medicine in General?

At the core he became a doctor because of his mother. She works as an epidemiologist and researcher particularly in the field of breast cancer. Her worked early on revolved around health disparities and how they affect women of color. Moreover, he was inspired by all the women in his life and how they were leaders in their respective fields. On a more individual note, he was heavily into sports by running track and field which comes with its own set of injuries. Through this he started experiencing life as a patient and saw this as a way to help other people.

How did TikTok come about?

He did a podcast episode with a medical student about overcoming adversity and medicine. After this episode he asked her, "Hey how can I reach the youth?" At this time, Dr. Jason had 3k followers and wanted to get to 10k so he can have the swipe up feature (We know, that's our struggle too haha) to be able to share with a bigger audience. So she suggested to try TikTok which he had no idea about so he started checking it out and the rest was history!

Side note: Don't forget what we say, "Speak it into existence". We know, you gotta put the work in to but you see, if you try and keep battling on things do happen.

How do you show your personality?

This stardom, came from him always showing his personality! In the beginning, some people were confused by this but it's so important to drill this as this is literally the reason for his success. He is able to bring joy to peoples faces while simultaneously spreading knowledge. Another thing about doing this, is showing that there is more to doctors than just knowing everything about medicine and treating patients. We all have our own personalities and Dr. Jason represents that.

First video that went viral?

The corona foot shake or as it may be better known, the "oh na na na" dance. With his scrubs and crocs on that video went VIRALLLLL with millions of views.

The first video that made him note that people are actually enjoying this content was him making a dance video with a world renowned anesthesiologist which showed a different side to his attending and people loved it!

COVID time

During this time we all want to spread awareness and give back anyway we can as Dr. Jason does with his new platform. He has been involving himself in different sectors in order to support our East Coast family with everything that's going on as well as, continuing to protect ourselves on the West.

COVID-19 and Portland?

Originally when they got hit in February/early March this was an interesting time as Covid status of patients was unclear as well as, the concerns revolving around PPE. It was a very uncertain time as it is for all institutions and was initially tricky to do procedures. With time however, you learn your way around it and now most patients that need a procedure get tested before surgery allowing you to move forward in a safe environment.

What is life to be after TikTok? If this TikTok era ever ends...

Dr. Jason believes that his followers are loyal and this opportunity will allow for him to branch out into other realms and be able to continue to promote the causes he's so passionate about as well as, have a voice!

Secret Tips

#1 Do an away rotation (don't listen to the old model) to get the residency you want

#2 You don't know everything.

Learn as much as you can from those around you while you are in residency especially during those first 6 months!

#3 Medical students please ask for help!

None of us are immune we all have things we don't know so asking questions is key

#4 Listen with your ears not your mouth

#5 Mental health is key

You're not alone

Talk to someone if you need help you'd be surprised how many people are going through the same thing

#6 Have an outlet

Burnout is very popular among physicians so having outlets like Dr. Jason with TikTok or other hobbies may help you eliminate burnout or at least lower it

#7 Keeping your routine fluent and dynamic is major!

Some of our favorites quotes by Dr. Jason from this episode:

This journey is what you make it

Enjoy the ride because life is what you make it

With that said, once the pandemic is over we are definitely doing a TikTok with Dr. Jason so stay tuned! Find @drjcofthedc on TikTok, instagram and twitter!

That's all for this week, don't forget to leave us feedback, rate, review, subscribe and send in your questions so we can continue to improve as well as, provide you high quality content.

Disclaimer: The Content on our podcast/website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

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