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Kristina Mcinnis of The Bottled Blonde Podcast on branding, blogging, podcasting and more!

We had so much fun chatting with this babe, Kristina Mcinnis & you all have just as much fun listening. We talk about her brand, podcast, blog and beauty. She gives us plenty of takeaways during this episode & of course shares her current favorite secret tips that she’s loving! We’re so excited to drop this episode on Women’s day and can’t wait to collaborate with her again!

OH and we were just on her episode last week so go to her page @thebottledblondepodcast and listen to our episode with her where we talk gut health, cosmetic procedures and so much more. You don’t wanna miss out on these two incredible episodes!! If you want to listen to our episode now you can do so by CLICKING HERE. To listen to our episode on her podcast CLICK HERE.

♡ Who is Kristina Mcinnis?

Kristina McInnis is a self made influencer and blogger. She decided to start KCMConnect after she graduated college which is meant to help people with branding and improving their social media presence! She is an entrepreneur who does a little bit of everything. She started her podcast, The Bottled Blonde due to a podcast network that reached out to her although she thought about doing a podcast for years. She noted that her whole life people loved to hear her speak so it was a natural transition from blogging to podcasting.

♡ Self Care

Kristina believes the best thing you can do is spend time on yourself!

Whatever your cup of tea is in regards to self care then do it

Kristina's self care is getting in: 10,000 steps a day and drinking 160 ounces of water a day

Current products she's loving:

- Red light therapy

- Acupuncture mat

- Foot Massager

♡ How does she stand out?

Being HER duh.

To stand out: capitalize on things that you are interested in and not what's hot.

Something cool she does is a drinking word of the episode. For this week it was confidence. Every time you hear that word people drink to it and incorporate it into their lives!

♡ Secret Tips

  • Solution to help with patchiness - still have to get the name for your guys.. will update!

  • Eyebrow soap: you put this on your brows and it gives you a feathered brow without the lamination requirement. You can find it by CLICKING HERE.

  • She loves Oribe especially the hair mist.. remember our blog from back in the day. CLICK HERE for more!

  • Isabel Blackwell body butter: find it HERE.

  • Trader Joe's Argan Oil

♡ Where to Find Kristina Mcinnis?

That's all for this week, don't forget to leave us feedback, rate, review, subscribe and send in your questions so we can continue to improve as well as, provide you high quality content.

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