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Furtuna Skin Co-founder Kim Walls on Italian Made Clean Beauty Brand

This week we have an up and coming skincare brand, Furtuna Skin. We got to sit down with Kim Walls the Co-Founder and CEO of Furtuna Skin. This high end brand is made up of:

C L E A N ingredients (LITERALLY) based out of Sicily

The entire brand hits very close to home and you can listen to the episode now by CLICKING HERE then head back for these show notes:

♡ Skincare Bloodline

She can't pinpoint when she became particularly interested because this has been a part of her family for years. It all started when her dad was diagnosed with vitiligo which inspired him to make beautiful skincare products. This became a family business where she was a part of the entire process from product development to distributions.

♡ Moment of Clarity

The moment she decided she was for sure destined to do something with skincare on her own was when she was pregnant. This was still early in the days of the notion of "natural" or "clean" beauty. So she quickly got into a brand to get more involved. The more she did this the more she became obsessed with the science and the botany involved. She also loved to teach people about skin since they didn't treat their skin the way they should.

♡ Furtuna Skin

Combining good food with skin was super important as she grew up on a farm and was fortunate to have access to lots of healthy food options! When she met Agatha and her husband they happened to have a family farm in Sicily where they grow food on a 800 acre private organic certified estate. They started making olive oil and different food products around seven to eight years ago.

Kim's and Agatha's ideas aligned and they started looking at medicinal foods. They were particularly interested in how these foods can perform in various skin care products. As the idea settled they went into the testing phase. The whole process took them four and a half years. This is because your skin is so delicate and you need to know which foods you can use that are good for your skin.

Furtuna Skin was founded on skincare that's good for you by using high-end products with clean beauty and high performance.

♡ Soundbath Extraction

The way they extract their ingredients is by a process known as the, Soundbath Extraction Method. The sound waves break open the cellular walls and allow the nutrients and plants to come into the delivery systems (i.e.: olive oil and olive leaf water). Your typical products use shea or petroleum that don't have the same antioxidant potential as olive oil or olive leaf.

Because of this method, they built an olive mill which is harvested once a year and pressed into olive oil. They make single source olive oil which means it's super fresh and they are known for having the world's best olive oil as its won competitions across the world!

♡ Current Star Plant

Anchusa Azurea

This is a bright blue flower with deep red roots which has the highest level of antioxidants in any mediterranean edible food!

♡ Products

Kim has training as an aesthetician and worked with other professionals to find the best way to use these products. Typically you want to prepare, treat, hydrate, and enrich the systems you develop! The 3 key products are known collectively as the RITUALE LUMINOSO:

This is a micellar water/essence that is light pink in color!

Agatha was first exposed to micellar water in her modeling days.

This product doubles as a toner and cleanser in one

It is a no-rinse cleanser

The olive leaf water base is rich in antioxidants and the color of the plants add with phytochemical benefits

This product is olive based instead of a coconut based surfactant like most products

Meaning: The gates that open into the farm, the port of vitality

This is a two in one face and eye serum which is safe to use on your eyes

It helps by lifting and evening out your skintone

It is a light, milky serum with instant benefits

It goes on light and can be used as a primer

You can see the difference really quickly, which is exactly what they wanted.

Stands for these two ancient trees for which they had a botanist with a double phD to preserve them.

It is a bi-phase oil

You have to shake it to mix it so that the water and oil systems merge leading to an interlocking system of nutrients that are both oil and water based!

Replenishing Balm

♡ Why the Price Tag?

Their products are considered high end based on pricing and this is because it takes a lot of work/financing to have these products come to fruition. Also, they conscious about their packaging which would mean using more expensive glass packaging. They also partake in offsetting their footprint which is not a cheap feat. Finally, they have an extensive team involved in the process. So in summary, being responsible people just costs more!

♡ Why do you need to Massage your face?

The ingredients do their work when you apply it to your face but by massaging you do your work too! Massaging also helps hormones/endorphins to be released giving even bigger benefits. There is a huge relationship with skincare and self-care.

♡ Future Products

They plan on this being a lifelong adventure and although they can't divulge upcoming products they are continuously working on new innovative things to do!

♡ Woman Run Business

Kim is a huge supporter of women supporting other women. She has done many things in the past from mentoring to investing. It's been a spectacular experience working with another woman. She notes that is is always important to have specific roles and responsibilities no matter who you work with and stay in your lane. Don't forget to lending a helping hand whenever needed.

♡ Secret Tips

Have animals in your life!

they have so much love to give are honest with nothing to hide

♡ Where to Find?


Fun Fact: Furtuna is the Sicilian spelling of fortune


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