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Dr. Rahi, MD on Aesthetics, Integrative and Anti-Aging Medicine

Dr. Rahi is a board certified internal medicine physician who specializes in aesthetic, integrative and anti-aging medicine. During the time of this recording she was in New York helping with the pandemic. This episode shows a different side to physicians and a much needed one! If you have not heard it yet, listen to the episode now by CLICKING HERE.

Dr. Rahi's Outlook

Dr. Rahi believes in a holistic and integrative approach and is based out of Beverly Hills. Her interest was sparked in both fields while she was in residency. She was unhappy with the patient approach in medical school and wanted to provide the best possible care, health and wellness to her patients. The medical school curriculum has definitely changed a lot since then but at the time she didn't feel like this was being taught. Dr. Rahi believes that whatever you manifest on the inside, shines on the outside. Or like we love to say say, "if you feel good, you look good and if you look good, you feel good".

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine revolves around treating a patient as a whole! In her particular practice she gives an in-depth questionnaire that asks about your entire life from when you were a child to your social life. Basically, the whole point is to understand anything that can effect a patient. This way when a treatment is considered it involves all realms of the patients lives. Approaching the patient from a different perspective and really working with them to manage stress is very important in living a balanced life.

Health Tip

Beauty comes from the Inside Out

  1. Consume a plant based diet - mostly plant-based not necessarily only plants

  2. Avoid processed, packaged foods

  3. Eat at home as much as possible - Great time to implement that is? Now, during the pandemic

Working on the Front Lines

Dr. Rahi explains that it has been a transformational experience. She notes that if she didn't come to New York to help out she would never be able to experience this again. She wanted to be amidst the action but also to help a state that was severely in need.

Anti-aging Tip

The best tip is to prevent stress:

For Dr. Rahi that's yoga and describes it as a union with you and yourself. She also notes that you don't have to just think of all the hard maneuvers and workouts but even doing a quick meditation brings a lot of clarity. FUN FACT: Dr. Rahi got trained to be a yoga instructor so during this time where she can't get in to see her favorite LA instructors, she has implemented doing her own practice at home.

Common Procedures in Aesthetics

The Gateway: Obviously, BOTOX

The one she loves is: MICRONEEDLING

Morpheus 8 is a combination of radiofrequency and microneedling which causes your own body to stimulate collagen and is a REAL game changer

Her other favorite procedure she does often are PDO THREADS. PDO threads can tighten, lift, reduce pore size, stimulate collagen, contour and much much more. She reports that there is a great difference in your skin and looks so natural. The main thing she notes is that after thee procedure you should keep your face as neutral as possible (i.e.: don't make too many facial movements immediately after)

The future of Aesthetics

We have already arrived there with developments of procedures like the PRP facial. PRP uses platelets to regenerate the skin. Other types of cellular therapy include using stem cells and exosomes. But the bottomline is that there are a lot of therapies coming that are promising but of course more research is needed.

Social Media

Dr. Rahi believes social media is a great tool and she utilizes her platform to show a lot of her procedures, educate and connect with people.

The Treatment with Dr. Rahi

This is Dr. Rahi's new podcast! Why she started it is because there are so many people that are interesting to talk to and this is another way for her way to connect with individuals who complement her practice. Right now it came to a halt because of the pandemic and traveling to New York but, when it is back up in running it will revolve mainly around integrative medicine and aesthetics.

Starter Information

  • Everyone should wear sunscreen: protect your face and neck especially

  • People start to lose collagen in their 20s but everyone ages differently

  • Invest in a good face wash, toner, day cream & night cream

Dr. Rahi's Favorite Brands

  1. Huxley Korean Skincare Beauty - vegan, all-natural brand

  2. PCA Skin

Important things to consider

  • There is maintenance and things to use for each age group. But if you start seeing fine lines for example you might want to start using a retinol (good quality one of course). You may want to start 1 to 2 nights a week and then increasing to 4 to 5 nights. Retinol prevents wrinkle formation and pore size!

  • Of course, everyone has different concerns and skin types so addressing those things first would be best

  • Supplements can also help your skin. For example, Vitamin C is an antioxidant and stimulates collagen production, Magnesium (use glycinate/citrate) helps with all bodily functions, Turmeric decreases inflammation, Probiotics balances out your flora

Secret Tips

  1. Start young/when needed

  2. Microneedle! She notes those patients who undergo microneedling treatments will probably have great skin because of the collagen stimulation

  3. Sprinkle a little bit of botox because prevention is key

  4. Some time in your 20s start considering taking some preventative measures whether it's microneedling or baby botox.

  5. Take all the proper steps (i.e.: proper diet, treatments) before taking pharmaceutical medications

But you thought this was new...

This has been a part of many cultures for centuries including Ayurvedic medicine (East Indian in origin) and traditional Chinese medicine to name a few. But now Western medicine gets to absorb it in a healthy way.

♡ Where can you find Dr. Rahi?

Instagram: @DoctorRahiMD

Website: DoctorRahi

And guess what? They are offering free consultations for aesthetic procedures... Don't forget to click any of the links above.

That's all for this week, don't forget to leave us feedback, rate, review, subscribe and send in your questions so we can continue to improve as well as, provide you high quality content.

Disclaimer: The Content on our podcast/website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

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