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Collagen for Her - Kaitlyn Rackens

This week we had the very special, Kaitlyn Rackens who is the co-founder of Collagen for Her who brought collagen supplements repurposed for women and in the cutest packaging to our everyday lives! We talk about her brand, what inspired her to get into collagen, the benefits of collagen, personal experiences and future goals for the company! If you haven't listened yet, go back to the episode now then head back here for some SHOW NOTES!

How did this whole thing start?

Protein powders were really the big thing back when Kaitlyn got into this and many women didn't know the supplements they were taking. None of these products at the time were targeting women in particular and most would be made for men that women would just take because there was nothing else on the market. So the idea came to fruition to do something that was woman-friendly. About two and a half years ago, she saw that the wonderful world of collagen started to popularize but again there was nothing made for women. She thought since women love collagen why not create this?

When she set out on this journey, she would see maybe eleven other products making collagen for women. Fast forward to now there are thousands! At the time, Kaitlyn was a runner and we all know that running puts strain on your knees. With that, she began to suffer from pain. She was already researching about the benefits of collagen and knew that it very much aligns with women so she decided to try it as a personal ailment. After about six weeks, she noticed the pain was gone and knew that she needed to get involved!

What differentiates Collagen For Her from other companies?

Quality and trust in transparency is everything this brand lives by! There are companies that don't actually have collagen but marketed as such or that have a lot of ingredients that no one knows about. This brand wanted to provide something that people can read in layman's terms and obviously, at the very least consist of collagen.

The Products include:

1. Unflavored Collagen Powder

- Adding this to coffee is the most common way

- It is an amazing source of protein plus the added benefit of collagen

- This is the OG product

2. Collagen Lemon Water

- The next product to come out with a naturally sweet flavor

- Just add it to your water and call it a day

3. Organic Matcha Collagen

4. Collagen Supplement

- For those who don't want a powder form

5. Collagen Mud Volcano Mask

- Their newest product, tapping into the skincare realm

How did they come up with the cover/logo?

The Cover was key. The thought process was to do a non-intimidating label that's also women friendly!

How to properly use the liquid form of collagen?

Not all collagen is created equal. Collagen is best in hot liquid. So if you pour collagen in and it sits at the top that's low-quality boo. When collagen is added to an ice cold liquid this will lead to clumps so if you need to have an iced drink or whatever you may want to add the collagen first while the drink is at room temperature, making sure you stir the collagen in before making your beverage iced.

Which product is best to start with?

That depends on the person you are:

Are you a coffee or tea drinker? Add a spoon to your coffee or tea with the unflavored powder

Only drink water? Get the lemon water or the organic matcha

Note: the matcha is unsweetened which may be a strong flavor if you're not used to it

Hate powders? They have a supplement for you

What is your blog known for?

Answering peoples FAQs, recipes, studies, benefits, the science behind collagen, re-sharing food bloggers ways of using the products and just basically a hybrid of everything!

Corona and collagen? How has that affected your business?

It has been pretty stable for Collagen For Her since most of their products ship through amazon, which is a great thing! However, they did start changing the blog and instagram around to spread positive vibes by being more about "feel good" info then just product info.


1. HATE that collagen is being marketed as a weight loss supplement aka you didn't lose 20 pounds because of the collagen! It's not a meal replacement lol

2. Results won't come tomorrow. We live in a world of instant gratification and you won't have the results right away. IN ANYTHING. You have to keep at it just like everything else. Be consistent and give it time to see any sort of result. Typically, around four to six weeks is a good starting point and make sure you take it every day. Note that this will vary from person to person.

Current plans

They are trying to gather data of why their clients take these products or why they love them and try to target that. They have noticed that most of the consumers are taking it for the beauty effect and maybe they will be able to expand with that. Kaitlyn states that they want to serve the purpose that people are looking for! So it seems like they are headed into the beauty product industry.

Currently, they have one beauty product the, Collagen Mud Volcano Mask! Kaitlyn absolutely looooves skincare and has always wanted to delve into this realm. She notes that masks are very popular and thinks that this product is one of her favorite masks of all time!

The Best Seller

Definitely, has to be the Unflavored Collagen Powder. This comes in a full size 41 serving bottle and an on-the-go option of 20 packets.

Where is everything coming from?

The brand is from San Diego and the manufacturers are from New York. The product is sourced from grass fed pasteurized bovine in South America and imported through New York for bottling, packaging as well as, shipping.

Long term Goals?

The goal is to be a go-to women supplement brand. Kaitlyn wants people to just be able to establish trust with her clients and become an all encompassing women's brand.

Get your product HERE:

Go to their website at:

Don't forget to use the code SECRET at checkout for 10% off anything on her website.

Finally don't forget to follow them on instagram @collagenforher

So, we're about to go start our day by putting some of the unflavored collagen in our water. Kthanksbye.

That's all for this week, don't forget to leave us feedback, rate, review, subscribe and send in your questions so we can continue to improve as well as, provide you high quality content. Disclaimer: The Content on our podcast/website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

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