Code Beauty

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

This week we wanted to do an episode that was similar to a podcast we were on recently! Basically, we were asked to go head to toe regarding products or whatever we use for different parts of our bodies so we thought why not do something similar for our own show so without further due here are our beauty tips...

Starting with the...


We went from washing our hair from every 2 days to extending it as long as possible (honestly, three days for washing hair should be good enough). I personally don't like dry shampoos but Adelynn loves them. So it really is just a personal preference of what you want to do to maintain it. We also workout so you want to alternate that with the days you wash your hair.

Adelynn's Dry Shampoo options:


This dry shampoo is super clean and doesn't leave a chalky residue


So the one I use is out of stock currently :( but this from the same line so worth trying it out!


Ok, I love this dry shampoo and it is a splurge so I only use it on special occasions. Not everyday type of thing if you know what I mean!


This is my every day go to and it also comes in mini size which is ahhh-mazing!

Hair masks:

A natural one is obviously the best way to go (you can always go a DIY route and look it up online) but there are other options as well Olaplex No. 3 Hair mask. My hairstylist recommended this hair mask to me and I love it! You need to be consistent with it to fully see results (just a little secret tip). You can use this whether or not you color your hair.

Coconut oil (Sam uses them on her tips but you can use it all over your head soaking it into your roots as an overnight mask... good luck getting it out of your hair haha)

♡ Get your haircuts ladies. Seriously, once every 3 months is a MUST even though I've been so busy that I'm going on my fourth month now.

Scalp massages anyone? Don't forget those but also don't overdo it.

Shampoo's that Sam uses:

Love using the Oribe Shampoo & Oribe Conditioner. Another brand that I use intermittently is the Olaplex Shampoo & Olaplex Conditioner. Since I don't have colored hair at the moment, it drys my hair out a little bit when I use it on a daily basis. Philosophy body wash and shampoo is the one I use this during those random days.


Adelynn's Morning Routine:

1. I may or may not double cleanse depending on the day (double cleansing means using an oil-based cleanser followed by a regular foaming cleanser) Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Foam

Pair it with the Foreo Cleansing Brush:

2. Good molecules toner with my favorite Silken wipes that I get on Amazon.

3. Some sort of serum - Good Molecules peptide serum is the bomb!

4. Primera moisturizer

5. Eve Lom Facial Oil

6. Finally put on the Tatcha SPF

Samantha's Morning Routine:

1. Usually mix my routine up, because I don't really like to use the same products.

2. In the morning I won't double cleanse and I will use the Kiehl's foaming cleanser

(Side note: while on vacation I actually wash my face just with water)

3. Kiehl's corrective dark spot solution or the Ole Henriksen truth serum, moisturizer, and eye cream set:

4. Over that, I put the Argan moisturizer

5. If I'm wearing makeup ill use my foundation over the moisturizer.

Other fun things some days you can use an ice roller to de-puff and if you have time you can even jade roll! Adelynn loves these routines.

Adelynn's Night Routine:

1. At night definitely double cleanse! Sulwhasoo Cleansing Oil + Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Foam. Pair it with the Foreo Cleansing Brush.

2. Good Molecules toner

3. Primera moisturizer

4. The oil I switch to for nighttime with the Sunday Riley vitamin c oil with turmeric

5. You can jade roll at this time as well!

Tip: when washing your face recycle small little white towels (Don't use the same one in the morning that you will use at night and vice versa). You can get a bunch for a very low price at any store like Amazon, Marshalls, TJmaxx, etc.

Samantha's Night routine:

1. The Kiehl's foaming cleanser (as above) or the oil cleanser (sometimes using both in combo)

2. On the days I wear makeup I'll use the Tatcha white foaming enzyme cleanser to really get that makeup off (if you get dry this will make you dry so beware, there are different strengths sold as well).

3. After that I always use a toner but I switch between our Good Molecules Toner and the ordinary ones

4. Following the toner I use a peptide serum (again either the ordinary vs