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Catharine Arnston Founder and CEO of Energybits on the Healing Benefits of Algae and Chlorella

This Monday's episode was Catherine Arnston founder of the company, EnergyBits. Listen to the episode now by CLICKING HERE and then head back over for the show notes below:

♡ How did you start EnergyBits?

She didn't choose it, it chose her. Catherine's sister was diagnosed with breast cancer around 12 years ago and her oncologist advised her to start an alkaline diet prior to starting chemotherapy. This made Catherine interested into plant based nutrition. In case you were wondering her sister has been 10 years cancer free! Fast forward a little bit to Catherine going to school in NY and obtained a certificate in health coaching. At this point she started teaching people about plant based nutrition but noticed that there are too many barriers in the plant based world until she found algae!

♡ What is it about Algae?

Algae is the most alkaline food in the world, that is nutrient dense and has three times the amount of protein when compared to steak! It is a food and not a supplement as it is an actual vegetable crop. It is one of the most studied nutrients and has been favored by Asia for years!

Catherine felt as if no one in North America knew about it and that the problem with people in general is that we don't obtain enough nutrients as well as, having too many toxins in our body.

♡ What are the different types of Algae?

There are many different types of algae and they are typically separated as macro and micro algae. Macro is the seaweed you see in the ocean but it doesn't have a lot of nutritional value. Micro algae on the other hand is everywhere! These micro algae are full of nutrients but there are specific types that humans can consume. These include: green and blue-green algae. Green algae is known as, chlorella with the main ingredient being chlorophyll which is also responsible for the green hue. Blue green algae consists of chlorophyll and phycocyanin. The latter is known as, spirulina. Spirulina is an energizing algae and chlorella is a detoxifying one. The perks of algae is that they are packed with amino acids, b vitamins and get absorbed quickly!

♡ ENERGYbits Products

There are different types of EnergyBits products:

1. Recovery Bits - 100% Chlorella

2. Beauty Bits - 100% Spirulina

3. Vitality Bits - 50% Spirulina and 50% Chlorella

4. Energy Bits - 100% Spirulina

You can buy any of these products by tapping on your preferred item above!

♡ Who can use ENERGYbits?

Although the product is relatively safe for most people if you have any medical history or take medications please consult your provider before taking this product.

Note: Blue-green algae may have blood thinning effects which can increase your risk for bruising and bleeding when combined with blood thinners (i.e.: Coumadin, Aspirin, Plavix, NSAIDs).

♡ Where to find EnergyBits?

Website: EnergyBits

Don't forget to use the promo code SECRET at checkout for 20% off your order at anytime

This website has plenty of information regarding algae and it's various benefits.

Amazon: ENERGYbits

Instagram: @ENERGYbits

Facebook: ENERGYbits

Twitter: ENERGYbits

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