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Bloom Effects

Another week here and this time we got to talk with Kim & Monica who are two amazing women and co-founders of Bloom Effects. This skincare brand is based out of NYC and the Netherlands where they created an all natural line of products known for their secret beauty ingredient, Tulips! Listen to this fairytale story about their start, their passion & their purpose NOW by CLICKING HERE.

Skincare Journey

Their skincare journey began as kids. Kim has wanted to start a beauty brand since she was like 10 as she always had problems with her skin. Her mom was a counter girl at Dior so beauty was always in her blood. Monica was also interested in beauty her whole life and healthy living but when she became pregnant that became even more important in her life!

They started this brand about a year ago and got moving really fast! Kim is Asian-Australian and at 26 she moved to NYC where she met Monica who settled in NYC to pursue a career in marketing. They worked together at a consulting firm and got to the point where they wanted a brand of their own. Kim went on a girls trip to Ibiza when on the last night at Pacha she met the love of her life who happened to be a tulip farmer. Fast forward, they both happened to be pregnant at the same time which got them interested into skin care further particularly, clean beauty products!

Creating a Brand

There is much that goes into creating a brand. It depends on your team, resources and varies from person to person. They got lucky because they got approved for grants in 2018 to explore what tulips can do which led to them finding out what tulips can do for the skin. They then set out to get funds from their friends and family and are so grateful to have been able to achieve their goal in just one month. After that they went into production and by September 2019 they launched their website. By October they launched exclusively to Blue Mercury and spring of this year they have gone into a bigger distribution now partnering up with other companies like Credo, Saks as well as, Neiman Marcus.

Why Tulips?

We all love them. So much so, it is one of the top three favorite flowers. They only bloom for two weeks of the year and have been a prized flower since the 16th century. They are iconic to the Netherlands and when starting this brand they were blown away by the beauty of tulips. Monica and Kim secured two government grants to discover what is in a tulip and what they found was it is the only flower that grows once it's cut as well as, holds their body weight in water (a natural humectant). In testing, they found that tulips are richer in amino acids then roses which further sparked their interest because roses are readily available. Tulips are four times richer in organic and fatty acids then roses and they utilize the hormone, Auxin which helps with the plants lifecycle. Thus, they are the first ones to have this which is now known as the dutch tulip complex.

What is Clean Beauty?

There is no universal standard or definition for what clean beauty is. If you are really interested in it make sure you really do your research before buying a product. Their brand was born in Amsterdam so naturally, they look to the EU to see how they formulate products. The EU has banned over 1300 ingredients for beauty compared to the US which has been about 30. Credo has banned around 2700 ingredients which is why they are so proud to partner with companies like these, where you know what you're really getting! These days brands are taking it upon themselves to make that change. Bloom effects has no sulfates, parabens or fragrance. The fragrance can actually be hiding other ingredients so that was why that's super important for them. Even natural fragrances can be irritating to the skin so just be aware!

Furthermore, all their packaging is recyclable. They are the first to use PCA tubes in the United States and they are trying to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible.


The Royal Tulip Nectar is their favorite product. They suggest to stir an activate the nectar, use a pea sized amount and massage it into your skin. Kim states that it keeps her skin looking glowy, dewy and makes her feel more confident. It is their best seller on QVC!

Check out this BLOG for more details!

Future Plans

They want to take sustainability to the next level which bring them to a new product they are creating. They noted that a lot of the heads of the tulips get cut off and put to waste. The second grant allowed them to study the tulip heads. Here they noted that the deeper and richer the color of the petals the higher the flavinoids. Flavinoids have healing, anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They also neutralize free radical damage.

A little S E C R E T: Black colored tulips which may be a product launching this fall!

They want to continue to help the environment and help your skin at the same time!

If you want more information check their website linked below!

Routines & Secret Tips

Monica's Routine

AM: Wash face with water (if nothing on from night before) or use the jelly cleanser (if skin had some serum or makeup on from before) followed by Suntegrity Tinted Moisturizer, some mascara, with the Bloom Effects Lip and Cheek tint.

Two to three times a week she uses a mask (the dirt mask is her favorite). She sticks it in her shower and uses it especially on her t-zone area.

Secret Tip #1: Use it once a week for ten minutes as a mask and two other days as a scrub

Secret Tip #2: If you have sensitive skin test it as an exfoliator and if it works then try as a mask (it doubles both ways)

Kim's Routine

PM: Rinse with the Royal Tulip jelly cleanser by double cleansing. Make sure you take your time and massage it into the skin for a nourishing mask effect.

Secret Tip #3: Don't pat your face dry, let it stay wet and do a Korean tap on the face (to seal in moisture)

She then applies biologique p50 on the t zone ONLY. For the rest of the face she uses a hyaluronic mist (ICARA oxygen mist) to draw moisturize into her skin. Finishing with the royal tulip nectar. No eye cream or lip cream because she uses the nectar on everything and any excess for elbows, knees, or other dry spots.

Secret Tip #4: If your skin is dry and you use hyaluronic acid you actually draw moisture out of your skin

Secret Tip #5: You can apply the royal tulip nectar as a spot treatment

Secret Tip #6: You can pop it in the refrigerator to also use as a cooling balm

Secret Tip #7: The royal tulip cleansing jelly doubles as a makeup melter and a regular cleanser

Secret Tip #8: The lip and cheek tint can be mixed with the nectar for a highlighter effect. It is

very buildable and you can use it more and more to get an added color

Where to find them?

Website: Bloom Effects

Instagram: @bloomeffects

Facebook: Bloom Effects

That's all for this week, don't forget to leave us feedback, rate, review, subscribe and send in your questions so we can continue to improve as well as, provide you high quality content.

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