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Work Drama.. Does it ever end?

Well hello there. Some drama at work this week or every week I should say. I mean hey it’s work might as well have some fun, right? Who knows, I guess. Anyways, I want to get right into my personal thoughts and see if anyone feels like I do. They say that the people you spend time with at work get to know you better than probably anyone else does. May not be true in my case since most of my friends have known me since childhood but, that goes without saying that the people I work with see a different side of me. Plus you do spend a lot of time at work so your coworkers get to know you pretty.. pretty.. well. Hope Larry David didn’t copyright this because then we might have a problem on our hands.

So naturally in the work setting you will bicker. Drama will arise for no reason. And since your co-workers become your work family and your work family ends up being like your real family you will fight, you will get over it, fight again sometimes without any reconciliation but usually end up becoming even closer.

I will say I have noticed that people you meet on the first day of your job turn out to be completely different with time. That’s likely because we all want to put our best face forward when we meet someone. And I will also note, I probably do the same thing even though I like to think I'm 100% me at all times. Let me give you an example, I have a potty mouth but when you first meet me you wouldn’t know that… or maybe you will, depends who you ask. Anyways back to the point at hand, I wanted to talk about work place drama specifically coworker competition. Is it a thing? Why does it happen? And how the hell do I get through it without it affecting me as number one a human being, number two my work, number three my relationships and number four which bothers me the most eliminating this notion of having to compete in the first place?

The truth is you need to keep yourself grounded. Unfortunately, even if it’s not on purpose jealousy is a real thing especially in the workplace and specifically with people who are alike. The key and I know this because I have went through it, is to just let it go. Yes, easier said than done but not doing so brings a different side of you that you never knew existed and you will not like the side that comes out, trust me. As a naturally noncompetitive person the only human I compete with is myself and that is simply to make me better. But, in this situation I have found myself in a position where someone else was competing with me and it turned into a vicious low key cycle of a nonstop battle that ruins friendships and drives you insane.

Now, some of you will say why not say something? And there definitely was a point where I wanted to confront the issue but I currently find myself thinking that if they don’t know what they are doing in the first place it will only make matters worse and at best won’t change anything. As a confrontational human being I like to take my problems head on however, with those I care about I tend to just remove myself from the situation if I consider them to be sensitive which may be the wrong way to deal with this case. Now, my focus revolves around eliminating that negative energy and even though it may be projected onto me in the first place it is important for us to learn to not reciprocate. This goes back to knowing yourself and understanding that there is no point of a competition unless it will better you in your craft. In this scenario, it will make your work suffer by focusing on menial things that don’t matter.

In short, I will let bygones be bygones and keep it moving. Have you ever been in a similar situation? If so, how did you handle it? I wonder if there is an environment where people don’t go through these types of situations? Because this has been a first for me! It taught me a lot about myself and through it I noted how important it is to not get lost with respect to what you were put on this earth to do. For me, this means to be a better person and a better physician, every day. I hope everyone finds peace in their skills and only then will we all be happy with our respective talents no matter how similar or different they are! Stop competing and start supporting each other as well as focusing on improving your own craft.


Dr. Sam

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