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I hung out with some senior citizens and it was life-changing

Before the pandemic, I had the honor of hanging out with my grandfather's childhood friends.. Yes you read that right, I went out to eat with a bunch of senior citizens and I loved it. Basically, I now live on the West Coast and a lot of my family friends (upon leaving Ukraine) either made their way to New York or Los Angeles (with the limited exception of those who eventually made it down to Miami). Fast forward all these years, my grandfather's friends kids were getting married so he was flying in for the occasion and naturally, I was his date.

If anyone who knows me they know how close I am to my family and that my grandpa is indeed my life. So we went out to eat with all of his friends from childhood who flew into town including those that live here. We all went to a sushi spot in Studio City and I was the only one under the age of 65.

It was so cool to see them drinking sake, chasing it down with Sapporo which is kind of what my friends and I do but it was also a lot nicer to see that after all these years not much has changed. It really made me appreciate my friendships and reminded me why I hold them so dearly. What I learned through this, is that even if there are miles between you and if your lives have changed drastically, your real friends will be there F O R E V E R. These people aren't just friends, these people are family.

They told me stories about the trouble they would get into as kids (like packing 15 people into the smallest car possible or partying till the wee hours of the morning). It's hilarious to think that these wise humans were actually not wise at all in their younger years. It's safe to say we aren't either but what's crazy is that although many things change it's so nice to see that your friends stay the same.

Of course with the years, life happens and some of their wives or husbands have passed away but, sitting at this table you saw all the joy they experienced in the moment. It really is true that age is just a number because these humans are full of life! This dinner served as a reminder for me that the memories you make are very important and can last you a lifetime, literally...

Looking back I loved having this dinner because seeing my grandpa happy warmed my heart which is why I can almost feel myself cry while writing this post. The takeaway is this:

Love your friends and never forget them.

I personally can't wait to see my friendships develop and where we end up in the future because they will be just as wacky, filled with many years of all sorts of memories. Through the worst of times and through the best of times these people really have each others backs and I love that so much!


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