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How California Became #1 in the Coronavirus Race

Everyday I do a quick google search, "Coronavirus cases in California" and every day I'm met with the fear that we will be equal if not surpassing New York. Today we finally did. The hospitals are overrun and rampant with patients who have coronavirus. Where did this come from? I can't pinpoint that to one thing because we are all responsible for it but I also know that we are fighting a losing battle and while we started out strong by being one of the first states that closed early we were also one of the first states to reopen.

As I sit during my night shift the majority of the patients are either getting admitted with a high suspicion for the virus or are admitted for another reason and later found to be positive with the virus. Every patient I see I consider as a potential COVID because that is just where we are. I start my night cleaning my workspace, then work tirelessly to take care of patients all the while fearing if I will get sick or if those around me will. At the end of my 12 hour shift, I go through the routines of changing into clean clothes, coming home, showering, some more sanitizing and falling into bed just so I can repeat the same thing for the next five days until I have my one day off where I sit and right this plea.

Meanwhile, people are wondering if this is a conspiracy theory. Now I'm all for those but not when you are living through it. When people ask me, "Is this real?" The absurdity makes me laugh but then when you think about it it actually should make me cry. Because when you see what we do then it all starts to make sense. The fact that people are at the beach, the fact that people are eating out (because trust me I want to do the same), the fact that people are throwing COVID parties is not only ignorant but a complete lack of respect for human life. People only believe something is real when it happens to them but I would never wish this on anyone because my life's work is to keep people safe and well, to the best of my ability even if during these uncertain times that has become a tough feat. So people or fellow humans please do what you should and if you are out at least be self-aware as well as, aware those around you because even those who think they are immune they aren't. Do your part.:


- Love S&A

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