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Understanding All Emotions

In our daily life we have a tendency to consider our own feelings and not those around us. Unfortunately, we may think we do but that is not always the case. Today, I wanted to jot some things down that may benefit not only us but the people we care about or even the people we encounter during our day to day.

I have noticed that we all have different things that make us tick. And as time passes certain things bother us that didn't bother us before. Those around us may not be aware of this so it is important to learn to communicate the things that trouble you. Coming from me... I know that is something I have to learn as well. However, the same should be understood about those you encounter. Today, they may have seemed okay and confident but tomorrow they may be more sensitive.

We often forget how important this is because after all that's what gets us through each day. We need to also understand our own feelings and determine if they are rational or not. Every day we wake up with a certain duty or meaning for the day and we want to go to sleep feeling accomplished with what we set out to do. For most of us, our day to day is pretty standard but that doesn't change that our feelings may still fluctuate.

So tomorrow let us try to understand feelings in general which will include our own and that of our colleagues, friends, family or significant others. Let's try to make this world a better place by communicating and acknowledging that we all are going through the motions. In doing this, we hope that we can make someones day a little better and a little brighter.

Love always,

Dr. Sam

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