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Forever Daydreaming

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm forever day dreaming. Since a young girl I have created dreams for myself that till this day I fight to create as my reality. People don't normally see that side of me because I have a wall naturally that's built up to show people my tough exterior. On the inside however, I'm full of emotions mainly filled with love and happiness to create this life I have envisioned as a child. So I want to tell you all today if you're anything like me that you need to continue to dream for that is the only way to make your dreams come true!

Let's expand on this real quick. Have you ever felt that there are things you want and you're desperately waiting for them to happen? Have you worked towards your dreams or goals for many years? Have you seen your future so well that it feels real? Us too. But the road to happiness is a long one and keeping these thoughts are a way to motivate yourself to culminate this happiness on a daily basis. You will get sidetracked, you will have bad days but your job is to focus and to make it happen because when it does it is the most blissful feeling in the world that you finally made it.

So I want to leave you with these final words to continue day dreaming even when everyone else has stopped. Why, you might ask? Because they have given up hope and your continuous strength will help not only you get to where you want but help those around you get back on track. Yes.. you're right that tomorrow is not guaranteed but if we have nothing to long for then what are we living for?

- Dr. Sam

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