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Coronavirus: The Ultimate Lesson

Switching gears here. I'm sure you all noticed our rant about how disappointed we are in this flawed system but now that we have gotten some of our thoughts out of our bodies we want to focus on the good.

I recently did a presentation summarizing Covid-19, what it is, presentation, how to diagnose, how to treat (which is changing consistently), and some routines as well as, mental health resources. You can watch this video here. During this presentation/PowerPoint or whatever you want to call it I felt that there is a lot of animosity amongst all of us. With that said, we wanted to briefly give thanks to everyone during this time and look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you, to ALL the healthcare workers this includes and is not limited to respiratory technicians, pharmacists, physician assistants, nurses, resident physicians, and doctors. We should also give thanks to everyone in the food service industry going to work every day risking their lives when providing you with food. Let's thank the shipping industry and those individuals who deliver all your packages that you can't stop ordering. Let's thank social workers and all mental health employees who are providing support to all the people that REALLY need help. Thank you to all the people who currently are working from home and those staying at home in order to help #Flattenthecurve. Thank you to EVERYBODY. There isn't one person that is doing something more important than anyone else. And I really think that this point is getting lost here. Everyone has a role to play during this time and I strongly feel that everyone is truly doing their BEST.

In return, we ask for one thing - STOP with the negativity. Stop pointing fingers about who did what? Or what went wrong? (this includes blaming the government or the CEO of your hospital). Whether they are wrong or right is for another discussion but instead of pointing at the problem, take action and turn a negative into a positive. By honoring only one sect of healthcare workers we are doing a disservice to everyone else.

We are all the same and we were placed on this EARTH because we all have a role to uphold so we want you all to do that not just today but everyday.

This situation has shown the good and the bad in all of us. Some of us call ourselves health heroes and using it to climb the social media ladder, some of us are not healthcare workers but are risking their lives on a daily basis. There is a perspective in how you read into this but the reality is this:

Help each other be great instead of bringing each other down. Together, we stand a chance against this pandemic. Finally, we should all learn something from this experience so that if it ever happens again (hopefully, not in our lifetime) we're prepared.

x, The SecretScope

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