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Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Hey ladies and gentlemen. As you may very well know, Adelynn and I decided to start this brand the Secret Scope, which primarily is meant to be a podcast that provides people with a non-medical background as well as, those in medicine some information or a refresher with respect to health, beauty and wellness related topics that we encounter on a daily basis. Basically, what inspired us to start this was that too many times we noticed that people don’t want to talk about certain personal things or topics that are culturally considered to be taboo. So instead of asking for it or going to your physician every time people can just request us to tell them a little bit about it. This goes without saying that.. NO WEBMD does not have all the answers and that your headache is not automatically a brain tumor!

We wanted to do something creative for not only us but for those around us including our friends, family as well as the general population. We believe that what we experience on every day is inspirational and teaches us so many things of value so we wanted to perpetuate that through our brand. After listening to a lot of amazing podcasts we were like you know what, let’s do this! And even though it is a saturated market we thought why not give it a shot. If it works out… great, if it doesn’t at least we tried and learned something new.

What makes us different from other people you may ask? We give medical information as real physicians. Yes, we have a degree in medicine and although we call ourselves Adelynn and Samantha on the show we do have an MD attached to our names. What else? We never stop dreaming and are always trying to turn our dreams into reality. Unfortunately, today everyone has a great idea but what are they willing to do to make it happen? A lot of people do things for fame. Because that has been marketed as the best way to promote yourself. I mean look at Instagram! So many self-proclaimed influencers are becoming famous left and right. If they are smart they use that fame to make money, and we can’t help but give them props for that… but that’s for another discussion. Of course we will also say the same that we aren’t doing this for fame or money and that it is just because we care. But seriously… for us it is more than that. We’re doctors so our salary may not be looking great as residents but we will be making a good enough living that we realistically don’t need to do this. Indeed, this is a platform to promote ourselves but with that aside we don’t want this to just be a podcast but rather a brand or better yet to be an extension of who we are.

We love medicine don’t get us wrong but there is so much more to all of us than our day jobs. We created this to educate one another and to use it as a creative outlet. Time and time, we notice that when we look up information for the show we learn new things and some of it even serves as a reminder on the information we may have forgotten. Furthermore, the knowledge we are looking to provide you will extend well beyond this podcast. It will help serve as an outlet to other things we would like to delve into.

With that said, we’re more than just two females that are hustlers, we are more than just doctors, we too have other interests and with our busy schedules we want to showcase the other things we love just as much as we love medicine. For us, this brand encompasses medicine, beauty, wellness but we will also tap into other things we love such as travel, cooking, fashion and interior design, among others. Everyone has a lot of interests but does everyone go out of their way to make them happen? We want to encourage other people to be moved to do the things that make them happy because there is so much more to life than a 9 to 5 and that is the foundation of how this company was founded.

So, let’s bring this post to a close and why I wrote it. I wanted to be able to explain a little bit about what we are doing and let you in on a secret.. the blog is finally here. Congratulations you read the first post! This blog will be specific to my random thoughts of the day or week. It will serve as an outlet not only for me but a part of a shared experience for other people who go through similar situations. I have always loved writing and have always found it as an orifice to divulge my thoughts into since I was a little kid. I started up by writing song lyrics and business plans as a seven-year-old to writing short stories in high school to always starting to write a novel but never being able to finish it because you know … life or something I like to call an excuse happened. With this company, I get the opportunity to try and do this again.

Without any further introduction as this was a long post I want to welcome you to our blog! This blog will be meant for people to see that we all go through comparable situations and I will delve into my random thoughts as we go through various experiences. I notice that everyday there is something new going on whether it’s good or bad or if it makes me happy or sad. I would presume it’s the same for you readers as well. As always you will be able to get our show notes, product comparisons, etc. This will be more of a wellness blog for all to be able to comment on and to share similar or other personal experiences. Maybe one day this will force me to finish that book or start anew! Anyways thank you all for coming and I hope this little baby of mine provides some value for you but, for now at least I’ll be able to get some much-needed solace and therapy for my soul. Let's GET WELL SOON together! Please let us know your thoughts. You can comment on the post below.

Love you guys,

Dr. Sam

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