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Secret Interview Tips by Yours Truly

To go along with the video we posted recently, I wanted to list the 5 tips for interview season so you can read it as well! If you haven't yet seen the video head over to our youtube channel or IGTV now, then come on back!

Secret Tip #1: Be Yourself

- You are you! I can't stress enough how amazing that is. There is no one better to be than you so please go into every job interview and be your authentic self. If you're not they will notice it!

Secret Tip #2: Find the Right Fit for You

- This ties in directly with the first tip where you want to make sure that the program you choose is the perfect fit for you! If you are being your self you will attract what aligns with you versus being a part of something that is not right for you. It's a two way street so you want to make sure that they are not only good for you but you are good for them!

Secret Tip #3: Do your Research

- Need we say more. Make sure you do your research, always! This happens before the application process and during. You want to research each program or job in general to see what they offer as well as, what their future plans are. Then during the interview season like right before your interview you want to do some research so you already know a bit about the program. Basically, you want to avoid looking like you are just there because you got offered an interview and don't really care to be there. Big no, no. You would be surprised that people don't do their research and still want the position.

Secret Tip #4: QUESTIONS?!

- Delving further in with respect to research you should be able to come up with legitimate questions about the program or job. Programs like to see that you have genuine interest in them. So coming up with questions beforehand allows you to number one find out the answers to things you won't otherwise know (this will help you decide between jobs or residency programs) and also demonstrate your interest for their program.

Secret Tip #5: Be confident!

- Basically just know that no amount of preparation or anxiety is going to prevent you from making any mistakes on your interview day! Get in there, roll with the punches and hopefully you get the job of your choosing. Remember to remain focused, stay on point, continue to be confident and don't let people get in your way throughout this process... or really... ever.

With that said, this sums up our 5 Secret Interview Tips just in time for the residency interview season. This can very much apply to anyone applying for any type of job. Don't forget that we are here for you and if you want more tips let us know via any of our social media platforms so that we can give you more! Don't forget to watch this video on IgTV or Youtube by searching The SecretScope and of course throw us a thumbs up, rate, review and subscribe to all our channels.


Dr. Sam

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