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Makeba Matthews on nursing, entrepreneurship, founding ScrubLife4Ever and being an author

This week we have the one and only Makeba Matthews! She is a powerful woman, a nurse, entrepreneur, founder of the Facebook group, ScrubLife4Ever and author of Reflections of a Nurse. Fun fact: we met her on Clubhouse so if you’re not yet on there join us for some meaningful conversations. If you want to listen to our episode now you can do so by CLICKING HERE.



SCRUBLIFE4EVER is a facebook group she came up with during COVID. She noted the day to day stress that was affecting many healthcare workers throughout the pandemic. This group was a way to help each other heal, encourage each other and have a place that keeps you grounded. She notes that this group was made to save your humanity!

♡ Reflections of a Nurse

Reflections of a Nurse is the book she published as a result of her journey. Thinking back to her first year of nursing school she noted how hard nursing school was. She recalls the importance of having a mentor and someone to be able to guide you through the process.

Makeba reflects how in the beginning you may think you can handle all the hours and so you work nonstop. But at some point all that work wreaks havoc on your body. That is what happened to her and she then noticed that if she kept going at that pace her health would be in jeopardy. At that time she started paying attention to herself and her body. She started walking after work and even writing down affirmations. That was the basis for the book in which she jots down some of the affirmations that helped her get through those hard times!

Makeba advises that everyone asks questions from those around them. See how others are coping with their stress, what keeps them grounded, etc. Everyone has ways to cope and you never know what they are doing that might work for you. She recommends to stay focused and talk to all the healthcare workers about what they are going through. You'd be surprised with what you might learn.


At the height of the pandemic there was a lot of uncertainty regarding what's real and what's not. At the beginning you were told to wear masks one way. Fast forward a few months you wear them another way. It was a very hard transition that affected many people. It also became important to not only save other peoples lives but your own. Finding various outlets was how Makeba got through these hard times.

♡ Do Your Research

Makeba's background was as a legal analyst. When she decided to go into nursing it was a complete culture shock. There were many things she didn't know where she may have saved herself some time with schooling. For example, she found out that she could have started straight out the gate as an RN/BSN and not as an LVN as a path to becoming a nurse practitioner. She doesn't regret going the extra mile, but that is something she would've liked to have known before jumping into the process. Makeba recommends to do your research before. She wants everyone to stick their nose into the field and get some experience before you dive into it so you can know how everything goes!

♡ Healthcare Profession

When it comes to nursing school don't be ignorant to what is required of you. It's a whole new type of dedication and it is very hard. The plus side is that it is also very rewarding!

♡ Secret Tips


- She takes these mushrooms to keep herself hyped up before her shift

Beauty Routine

- For the day

Nursing Tip(s)

Don't get caught up!
All money is not good money!
Don't sacrifice your safety for that check!

♡ Shout Out

Get her book now by clicking here: Reflections of a Nurse

Find and join @scrublife4ever on: Facebook and Instagram

Follow her on Instagram: @thenursewellnessbar where you can get her beauty products, health products and join her lives!

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