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First, EVER Microneedling Experience

Okay so we talk about a lot of beauty topics on our podcast but what we've recently learned is performing procedures on others or learning about them is so different then actually getting it done yourself. Hopefully, as we continue on this journey together we will have the opportunity to provide you with a multitude of personal experiences. This microneedling experience is one of them. Here we will discuss our first Microneedling session EVER.

Before getting into it we want to lend a teaching point. We did A LOT of research but one thing we've learned when it comes to anything you can never be completely prepared. That is until you actually get it done!

☆ Microneedling in a Nutshell

Microneedling has been around for some time now and we know that it is meant to increase collagen production, help with scars, dark spots, pores among other amazing things. The procedure itself is meant to act as a skin resurfacer and there are different levels of penetration that one may need. What we have learned is if someone doesn’t want to commit to the "vampire facial" or if they have good skin with minimal scarring or are in their younger years they can opt for what is known as a, forma facial. This is equivalent to a hot stone massage on your face at least that's what they say. The next step up would be microneedling and then if microneedling is not enough or you wish for deeper penetration you may opt for what is known as, the Morpheus procedure. Regardless of which you choose just remember to do your research and go to someone with experience! If done wrong it can be devastating.

☆ Find the Right Pen and Aesthetician

So now moving along. Once I came to terms with doing the procedure next was deciding who I wanted to go to. I went to my lovely aesthetic nurse who I have seen previously for consultations and other things. She then advised me on the different types of pens and the most popular one on the market right now is known as, the skin pen.

You can find it here: SKIN PEN

The skin pen has a removable single-use head that penetrates the skin with tiny little needles. The skin pen line also comes with their own products that you use before the procedure and after. There are many different brands for microneedling pens so do your research and choose which is best for you.

☆ The Procedure

The day of you want to make sure you show up with a clean face. No moisturizers necessary. Just show up like you would to your regular facial. You don't want anything clogging up those pores further.

Next comes the numbing. This process takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Note: Sometimes you can do double numbing depending on your skin sensitivities. After the face is numb she takes an alcohol swab and cleans the entire face. Then she applies a little moisturizer or other product (depending on what you're targeting) that the microneedling pen can easily glide over. Imagine doing this over dry skin.. I don't want to.

And so, the microneedling process begins. The depth of the tiny needles is adjusted depending on the desired effect and the part of the face or neck. Your scalp for example will require less depth than the cheeks. It's pretty common sense if you think about it. She glides the skin pen around in circles targeting my preferred treatment areas. Some may opt for even going over their lips.

During the procedure you will notice that the skin will start to have some pin point bleeding spots. Most of the actual procedure is painless except for certain areas where the pen goes in deeper. This will depend from person to person as your sensitivities may vary.

☆ Post Care Instructions

Do not wash your face or neck for a few hours after the procedure

When washing your face initially use cold water and tap it dry. Avoid rubbing your face.

It is advised to use a gentle moisturizer. Sometimes they will provide you with one. If you have nothing then use coconut oil. This is so you can hydrate the skin as it will become dry.

Some institutions recommend zinc oxide ointment which can help with healing and you should use it multiple times a day. Make sure to wear SPF daily regardless of the weather and especially the day after the procedure. They say to avoid makeup for 24 hours after the procedure but I would avoid it till you heal completely.

You want to avoid any drying or harsh products for 1-2 weeks. This includes retinol, salicylic acid, glycolic acid and facial scrubs. Use soothing/calming face masks for hydration and to calm the skin.

Stay hydrated! This will help with the skin dryness. REMEMBER that everyone’s skin is different!

☆ 0-24 Hours Post Procedure

Immediately after the procedure your face will appear bloody and again the intensity will vary with each individual. About an hour after, I noticed my face getting more and more red equivalent to a terrible sunburn. I literally felt my face pulsating. To be honest, at some point I thought I would never do this again.

Right before bed I washed my face with lukewarm water and applied the rescue cream she gave. I noticed the pinpoints on my face and the redness but the blood was completely washed off. Mind you I sat with a bloody face for about 3 hours. Which they recommend to do so that everything penetrates deeper. What I should have done looking back at it was taking a Tylenol before the procedure and again that night.

Please note that people may or may not use specific products during the microneedling procedure and right after such as vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, growth factors or even perform microneedling in combination with PRP. I personally opted for the the one that had minimal products on my face which was just the moisturizer during the procedure so the pen isn’t rubbing against my dry skin and after to keep my face hydrated because you will definitely need that.

The next morning, I woke up with my skin less red but pretty red none the less with pin prick abrasions and facial tightness. This is normal but I probably should not have went to work. Thank goodness that it was a surgery day so I covered my face like this:


☆ 48-72 Hours Later

Two to three days after the procedure the redness starts to subside and if you use the moisturizer multiple times a day so should the dryness. It is normal to start experiencing some peeling at this time which I did. The only downfall is that I am prone to breakouts along my chin area and that is something that happened. Drying it out as best as I can was all I can do until it passes.

☆ One Week Later

At this time, I noticed my skin completely back to normal. I wouldn't say that my pores looked much different but my scars did look smaller. From the first procedure you won't see major effects but it felt like a very intense chemical peel. Of course, after a few sessions I can send updates of what major changes occurred.

☆ The Verdict

Looking back I will likely be doing this procedure again. However, I will need to account for the downtime with a few days off. The downtime is different for everybody as some people look fine the very next day! It does take a few days for all the pin prick spots to go away and for the redness to subside post procedure and you want to avoid makeup during that time as well. Once your face is back to normal you wait a month or so before repeating the treatment. You want to do a minimum of 3 to 4 sessions before you will see any results with yearly maintenance. Hope my experience helped you decide yours! Will you or have you done microneedling? Let us know your experience.


Your MD duo

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